Media Coverage Of Omkar Speciality Chemicals Ltd.

Omkar Speciality Chemicals to purchase LASA Laboratory Media Coverage of our company in The Speciality chemicals pharmaceutical business review (12/04/2012)

Omkar Speciality Chemicals has advanced into pharmaceutical business with the acquisition of LASA Laboratory, which consists of an API manufacturing facility.

The purchase is expected to allow the company to focus on manufacturing anthelmintics, such as Albendazol EP, Albendazole IP/USP, Cyromazine, Fenbendazole, BP VET / EP, Nitroxynil BP Vet, Ricobendazole, Toldimphos Sodium and Triclabendazole.

The API division will initially focus on continuing the existing API business of LASA laboratory.

Currently, the product portfolio in the division consists of 10 products in the veterinary anthelmentics segment, majorly Benzimidazoles and other active pharma ingredients.