Board of Directors

Pravin Herlekar
Chairman And Managing Director

Mr. Pravin Shivdas Herlekar is the Chairman and Managing Director (DIN: 00525610) and one of the Promoters of the Company. He is a Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay and is a Post Graduate in Management Studies from Mumbai University. He has an overall experience of over 4 decades in the field of Product Development, Marketing and Administration. He is the Founder of the Company and has been actively involved in the business of the Company since its inception. He has been instrumental in playing a key role in the Company’s growth with his inputs in Strategic Planning and Business Development. Over the years, he has played a vital role in expanding the operations and directing the Company’s growth in a defined manner.

Independent Director

Mrs. Sanjivani Satish Patare is an Independent Director (DIN: 07239170) of the Company. She is Commerce & law graduate from University of Pune. She is practicing Advocate and legal advisor for last 20 years. She has been associated / working as Advocate for certain Commercial Banks, Other Co-op Banks and Financial Institutions.

Mr. Subhash Ambatkar
Executive Director

Mr. Subhash Ambatkar is an Executive Director (DIN: 08721741) of the Company. He has Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and Production Management from Mumbai. He has experience of 40 years in the field of civil & mechanical projects, maintenance, production, QC & development activities.

Mr. Kannan Ramakrishnan Thevar
Non-Executive & Non-Independent Director

Mr. Kannan Thevar (DIN: 09026705) is a Non-executive and Non-independent Director of the Company. Mr. Kannan is post graduate in management. He has experience of 35 years in the Chemicals Industry.

Ms. Archana Dakhale
Independent Director

Ms. Archana Dakhale (DIN: 06637416) is an independent Director of the Company. Ms. Dakhale is commerce graduate. She has varied experience of 6 years in the field of administration, banking & management.

Mr. Suresh Jiwalal Kataria
Independent Director

Mr. Suresh Jiwalal Kataria (DIN: 01973137) is an Independent Director of the Company. Mr. Kataria has proficiency in Commerce stream. He has experience of around 25 years in investment in capital market.

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