Iodine Derivatives

This is demo text Iodised salt (also spelled iodized salt) is table salt mixed with a minute amount of various salts of the element iodine. The ingestion of iodide prevents iodine deficiency. Worldwide, iodine deficiency affects about two billion people and is the leading preventable cause of mental retardation.[1] Deficiency also causes thyroid gland problems, including "endemic goitre." In many countries iodine deficiency is a major public health problem that can be cheaply addressed by purposely adding small amounts of iodine to the sodium chloride salt.

Iodine is a micronutrient and dietary mineral that is naturally present in the food supply in some regions, especially near sea coasts, but is generally quite rare in the Earth's crust, since iodine is a so-called "heavy" element (with the highest atomic mass of any element needed by mammals for life), and abundance of chemical elements generally declines with greater atomic mass. Where natural levels of iodine in the soil are low and the iodine is not taken up by vegetables, iodine added to salt provides the small but essential amount of iodide needed by humans.


Product CAS No.
Methyl Iodide 74-88-4
Ethyl Iodide 75-03-6
n-propyl Iodide 107-08-4
2-Ethylhexyl Iodide 1653-16-3
Diiodomethane 75-11-6
Chloroiodomethane 593-71-5
5-Iodo-2-Methylbenzoic Acid 54811-38-0
Methyl-2-Iodobenzoate 610-97-9
2-Iodobenzoic Acid 88-67-5
3,5-Diiodosalicylic Acid 133-91-5
N-Iodosuccinimide 516-12-1
Trimethylsulfoxonium Iodide 1774-47-6
Iodine Monochloride 7790-99-0
5-Iodoanthranilic Acid 5326-47-6
Iodoform 75-47-8
Potassium Iodide 7681-11-0
Sodium Iodide 7681-82-5
Ammonium Iodide 12027-06-4
Cuprous Iodide 7681-65-4
n-Butyl Iodide 542-69-8
Zinc Iodide 10139-47-6
Sodium Metaperiodate 7790-28-5
Potassium Iodate 7758-05-6
Calcium Iodate 7789-80-2
Iodic Acid 7782-68-5
Periodic Acid 10450-60-9
Hydriodic Acid 10034-85-2
Iodobenzene Diacetate 3240-34-4
Dess Martin Periodinane 87413-09-0
1,4-Diiodobenzene 624-38-4
4-Bromoiodobenzene 589-87-7
4-Chloroiodobenzene 637-87-6
Iodobenzene 591-50-4
4-Iodoaniline 540-37-4
4-Iodotoluene 624-31-7
4-Iodoanisole 696-62-8
4-Iodophenol 540-38-5
4,4'-Diiodobiphenyl 3001-15-8
2-chloro-5-Iodobenzoic Acid 19094-56-5
Tetrabutylammonium Iodide 311-28-4

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