Methyl-2-Iodobenzoic acid is a starting material for the preparation of iodosobenzoate, useful oxidants (such as 2-Iodoxybenzoic acid) which performs the synthesis of carbonyl compounds from primary/secondary alcohols and unsaturated carbonyl compounds from carbonyl compounds. The traditional metal based oxidising reagents are replaced by iodosobenzoates due to their outstanding reactivity, selectivity and environment management. Trivalent iodine compounds perform mild oxidations, oxidative couplings, special iodinations and acetoxylations. Methyl-2-Iodobenzoic acid are used as anti-infective, contraceptive agent and x-ray contrast medium for diagnostic radiology.

Specifications - Methyl-2-Iodobenzoate
Methyl Iodide Producers
Product Methyl-2-Iodobenzoate
Structural formula Methyl-2-Iodobenzoate


Molecular formula C8H7IO2
Molecular weight 262.05
Descriptions Pale yellow to orange colored liquid.
Water Max. 0.50%.
Purity Min. 98.00%

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