Potassium Iodate

Potassium Iodate is a Potassium salt of Iodic acid, available as odorless white powder. It has Molecular Formula KIO3, solubility in water 9.16%@ 25°c, insoluble in alcohol. It is prepared industrially by reacting Potassium Hydroxide with Iodic acid. It can also be prepared by adding Iodine to hot concentrated solution of Potassium Hydroxide. It is used as an oxidizing agent.

Specifications - Potassium Iodate

Product Potassium Iodate
Structural formula
CAS No. [7758-05-6]
Molecular formula KIO3
Molecular weight 214.00
Description White to off-white crystalline powder.
Assay Min. 99.00 %

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