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Committees of Directors

The Companies Act, 2013 and the Rules made thereunder and other applicable laws provides for constitution of the following committees which are formed by the Company. The following table sets forth the details of the Committees and its members:
Audit Committee

Mr. Sitendu K. Sharma -Chairman
Mr. Laxmikant R. Kabra -Member
Mrs. Sanjivani S. Patare – Member

Nomination and Remuneration Committee

Mr. Sitendu Sharma              -Chairman 
Dr. Vikas N. Telvekar             -Member
Mr. Laxmikant R. Kabra         -Member

Stakeholders Relationship Committee

Mrs. Sanjivani S. Patare        -Chairperson 
Mr. Sitendu K. Sharma          -Member
Mr. Prakash Rao                   -Member

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

Mr. Pravin S. Herlekar           -Chairman 
Mr. Laxmikant R. Kabra        -Member 
Mr. Prakash H. Rao                -Member
Mr. Sitendu K. Sharma          -Member

Risk Management Committee

Mr. Sitendu Sharma              -Chairman
Mr. Rishikesh Herlekar         -Member
Mr. Prakash Rao                   -Member

Internal Complaints Committee

Mrs. Rupali Desai                  -Chairperson
Mrs. Smruti Naik                   -Member
Mrs. Shrutika Deshmukh    -Member
Mr.   Prakash Rao                  -Member
Mr.   K.S. Golatkar                 -Member

Whistle Blower Committee

Mr. Sitendu Sharma             -Chairman
Mr. Prakash Rao                    -Member
Mr. Rishikesh Herlekar        -Member

Resource Committee:

Mr. Pravin S. Herlekar         - Chairman
Mr. Rishikesh P. Herlekar   - Member
CA Laxmikant Kabra             - Member
CA Sitendu Sharma              - Member

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