Ethyl Iodide (Iodo Ethane)

Ethyl iodide is commonly known as Iodo ethane, having Molecular formula C2H5I, Mol. Wt.155.97 g/mol.It is a Primaryhalogeno- alkane compound in which one Hydrogen atom in an alkane (like Ethane) is replaced by a halogen atom (ie. Iodine atom). It represents the category of Organo iodide compounds, with the presence of one Carbon–Iodine bond. CAS No. of Ethyl Iodide is 75-03-6.

It can be prepared by any one of the following methods:

  • By the action of Iodine on Alcohol with Red Phosphorous
  • From Diethyl ether and Hydriodic acid

Ethyl iodide is a dense, colorless transperrent, flammable liquid . It is sensitive to light and on exposure to light turns slight reddish due to liberation of Iodine. It has a boiling point (B.P. 72.3-72.4 °c), Sp. Gr. at 20°C; 1.9 –1.93 gm/cc. It is slightly soluble in water, [solubility in water 0.4 g/100ml at 20 °c], it is completely miscible with Ethanol.

Ethyl iodide is stored in dark amber colored glass bottles to prevent its degradation by light. It is stabilized by Copper or Silver wire. It needs to be handled carefully as it is harmful by inhalation, or if swallowed or through skin contact. It is used mainly as an ethylating agent in Organic synthesis.

Ethyl Iodide (Iodo Ethane)
Methyl Iodide Producers
Product Ethyl Iodide (Iodo Ethane)
Structural formula
CAS No. [75-03-6]
Molecular formula C2H5I
Molecular weight 155.97
Description Clear colorless liquid
Density Between 1.90 and 1.93 g/ml.
Water Max. 0.50 %
Assay Min. 99.0 %.

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