1,3-Acetonedicarboxylic Acid

Acetonedicarboxylic acid or 3-oxoglutaric acid is a simple carboxylic acid, which may be used as a building block in organic chemistry. It is commercially available. It may also be prepared by the one-pot decarboxylation and oxidation of citric acid by sulfuric acid.

Specifications - 1,3-Acetonedicarboxylic Acid
Methyl Iodide Producers
Product 1,3-Acetonedicarboxylic Acid
Structural formula
CAS No. [542-05-2]
Molecular formula C5H6O5
Molecular weight 146.10
Description White off white amorphous powder.
Melting range Between 133o and 136oC
Loss on dryng Max. 1.00%
Sulfated ash Max. 0.30%
Purity Min. 97.0%.

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