O,O'-Dibenzoyl-D-Tartaric Acid Monohydrate

Dibenzoyl-D-Tartaric Acid is used as chiral buildig blocks, chiral resolution reagents in active pharma ingredients,and asymmetric synthesis Dibenzoyl-D-Tartaric Acid appears like White or off-white crystalline powder, and is Clearly soluble in methanol. Melting point is 150-153 ºC. Dibenzoyl-D-Tartaric Acid has a CAS No 80822-15-7. and has Molecular Formula C18H14O8.H2O. Its Molecular weight is 376.32 Omkar Speciality Chemicals Ltd. is known as the Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Dibenzoyl-D-Tartaric Acid at the most Competitive price with guaranteed Quality Specifications & Timely delivery.

Specifications - Dibenzoyl-D-Tartaric Acid Monohydrate
Methyl Iodide Producers
Product Dibenzoyl-D-Tartaric Acid Monohydrate
Structural formula
CAS No. [80822-15-7]X
Molecular formula C18H16O9
Molecular weight 376.31
Description White off white powder.
Melting range Between 84o-92ºC
Water Max. 5.00 %.
Specific optical rotation (at 20°C) Between +106° and +117°
Purity Min. 98.0%

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