Diphenyl Diselenide

Diphenyl diselenide is the chemical compound with the formula (C6H5)2Se2, abbreviated Ph2Se2 This orange-coloured solid is the oxidized derivative of benzeneselenol. Diphenyl diselenide is used as a source of the PhSe unit in organic synthesis.

Specifications - Diphenyl Diselenide
Methyl Iodide Producers
Product Diphenyl Diselenide
Structural formula
CAS No. [1666-13-3]
Molecular formula C12H10Se2
Molecular weight 312.13
Description Yellow colored crystalline powder
Melting point Between 60o and 64o C
Loss on drying Max. 0.50%.
Loss on drying Max. 0.50%
Purity Min. 99.00%.

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