Sodium Selenite Pentahydrate

Sodium Selenite also known as a Disodium salt of Selenious Acid is a white solid, highly soluble in water, solubility in water : about 85 gms /100ml @ 20°c., but not soluble in ethanol. It has the Mol. Formula Na2SeO3 with Selenium having (+4 )oxidation state. It is prepared by the action of Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) on Selenious Acid ( H2SeO3). Sodium Selenite is available in two forms as given below: i)The Anhydrous form :As Na2 SeO3, Mol. Wt.: 172.94 gms/mole, CAS No. 10102-18-8 ii) The Hydrous form : As Na2 SeO3.5 H2O known as Sodium Selenite Penta hydrate Mol. Wt.: 263.01gms/mole , CAS No. 26970-82-1 Both these forms behave identically, except that they differ in their Molecular wt. Sodium Selenite finds its application in the Glass Manufacturing Industries for manufacturing colorless glass. It is also used in the preparation of Sodium Selenate. Omkar Speciality Chemicals Ltd. is known as the Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of this product at the most Competitive price with guaranteed Quality Specifications & Timely delivery.

Specifications - Sodium Selenite Pentahydrate
Methyl Iodide Producers
Product Sodium Selenite (Pentahydrate)
Structural formula
CAS No. [26970-82-1]
Molecular formula Na2Se03.5H2O
Molecular weight 263.01
Description White to off white crystalline powder
pH(10 %w/v aqueous solution) 9.8 - 10.8
Chloride Max 50 ppm.
Iron Max 50 ppm.
Selenate & sulphate (as SO4) Max 300 ppm.
Assay Between 98.5% and 101.5 %.

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