Selenium Sulfide (USP)

Selenium Sulphide also known as Selenium Disulphide is an Inorganic compound having the formula Se S2., Mol.wt. 143.08 , CAS No. 7488-56-4 . Selenium Sulphide compound is a mixture with the overall Se:S ratio 1:2. Selenium Sulphide is Reddish brown to orange colored solid available in micronized powder form. Selenium sulphide is not soluble in Water but soluble in Carbon disulphide. Selenium Sulphide finds its main applications as an anti-fungal agent used in the shampoos for the treatment of dandruff or seborrhea of the scalp which is also called as seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp . The dandruff in hair is caused due to shedding of dead skin from the scalp and regeneration of new skin or can be due to a fungal infection . For the treatment of such fungal infection in the scalp ,these shampoos are found to be very effective . The Company has a dedicated Manufacturing facility at our unit B-34, approved by FDA Maharashtra State for manufacturing this product under licence No. KD/725. Omkar Speciality Chemicals Ltd. is the Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of this product at the most Competitive price with guaranteed Quality Specifications & Timely delivery.

Specifications - Selenium Sulfide (USP)
Methyl Iodide Producers
Product Selenium Sulfide (USP)
Structural formula
CAS No. [7488-56-4]
Molecular formula SeS2
Molecular weight 143.08
Description Reddish brown to orange micronized powder.
Residue on ignition Max. 0.2%
Assay 52% to 55.5%.

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